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The Ham Lake Development Company is accepting applications for Board of Directors members. Click here for an application.

The Ham Lake Development Company (HLDC) is a non profit (501C3) organization that’s mission is to offer low interest loans to businesses moving into Ham Lake or for expansion of current businesses.  This helps to improve the local commercial development while creating new jobs at the livable wage rates, therefore improving the overall local economy in the Ham Lake area.  


The HLDC also offers the Ham Lake Beautification Grant. The purpose of this program is to offer financial incentive for businesses to improve the aesthetic appearances of commercial buildings within the City of Ham Lake. The goal is to achieve better curb-appeal and to create higher property values.

  • The HLDC was formed in 1982 to encourage and promote the growth, expansion and development of industrial, commercial, retail, and other small business concerns in the city of Ham Lake.  
  • To date the HLDC has helped over 24 businesses with loans totaling over three quarter of a million dollars and creating 63 new jobs in the city.  
  • Eighteen businesses have taken advantage of the Ham Lake Beautification Grant Program.


The HLDC board of directors meets monthly to consider new business requests and follow up on ongoing projects. If you would like more information about the HLDC, please call President Nancy Braastad at 612-718-8957 and ask about the HLDC. Please note:  If you know of any business looking to move to or expand in the city of Ham Lake, please call for information.